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Timken Solving the Housing Crisis

With industry research showing that most bearings don’t even achieve the given basic life Timken-Blue-Brutecalculation, there’s clearly a need for a housed unit that overcomes the three main causes of bearing failure: contamination, incorrect lubrication, and incorrect installation. That’s just what Timken’s solution does.


3 problems, 1 solution

If a bearing can find a way to fail, it will, and there are three main ways it tries:

Around 90% of bearing failures are caused by contamination. Mounting the seal directly onto the shaft causes this, allowing contamination to penetrate the bearing.

In an attempt to reduce contamination, operators tend to over-lubricate the unit, until the grease purges. This leads to the bearing overheating, wear, and failure. Over-lubrication also wastes grease, time and money.

Most split-block housed units require time-consuming mounting, adjusting for float, and measuring the internal clearance of the bearing. This means several opportunities for human error, leading – sooner or later – to bearing failure.

 The Timken spherical roller bearing solid block housed unit has the solution to all these problems.

Improved from start to finish

From installation to downtime and service life, the Timken solid-block housed unit is a major improvement.

The standard steel Timken unit is delivered completely sealed, so the bearing is never exposed to the elements or to contamination – just one reason the units can be offered with a lifetime guarantee.

Other design and engineering advances which help to overcome the most common causes of bearing failure include a standard extended inner ring of the solid block unit – preventing contamination and shaft wear – and three primary seals, plus secondary seal and cover options, for even more contamination protection.  

Secondary seals are available in steel, polyurethane and other options on request.

 Lubricated to perfection

Over-lubrication and under-lubrication can both be problems on bearings. The Timken solid-block bearing avoids both by being pre-lubricated to exactly the right amount. Relubrication is minimal, and it’s impossible to over-lubricate, thanks to specially-designed seals and (on non-purging seal designs) a relief valve which expels excess grease.

Pre-lubrication even makes installation quicker, because there’s no need to pack the housing with grease as part of the process. There are also several other ways the Timken design saves time at installation:

No fiddling with feeler gauges, adjusting to accommodate for float, or placing fixing rings in the housing. Internal clearance is pre-set, and bearings can be ordered for the required float.

Float adjustment, if required, simply means backing off the grub screw to allow rotation of the locking washer. Once set, retighten the grub screw to lock everything into place.

Machined feet (for one-time shaft alignment), taper puller holes, block oxide inner rings and six different shaft locking choices all help cut installation time – to less than ten minutes in some cases.

Available in seven different housing styles to suit any application, and interchangeable with virtually any other solid-block roller bearing unit, there are Timken solid-block housed units in sizes to accommodate shafts from 40-180mm.

So whatever your housing crisis, there’s sure to be a Timken unit to resolve it.

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